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Pro-Ana Acronyms, ect.
Ana:   Anorexia Nervosa

Mia:   Bulimia Nervosa

Coe:   Compulsive Over-eating disorder

Ednos:   Eating disorder not otherwise specified

BED:   Binge eating disorder.

ED:   Eating disorder

SI:   Self injury

MiAna:   Having both anorexia and bulimia (this term is what I came up with for my first website, and since has been used on the net a lot ... I have never seen the term used before until my first site went on the net.)

Pro-ana:   This term infers being pro-active in the ED community, usually online. It does not mean promote ED's in any way, shape or form.

Thinspiration:   Collection of thin looking peoples pictures, used to inspire those with ana/mia.

Anorectic:   One who has anorexia.

Ana Buddy:   An online friendship between pro-ana individuals. Ana buddies guide one another toward recovery or are penpals, sometimes becoming real life friends.

Fasting Buddy:   An online friend (or friends) who compete in weight loss competitions and attempt to keep one another motivated to lose more weight.

Wannarexic:   Someone who wants to develop an eating disorder, usually under some confusion about the consequences. Wannarexics are USUALLY unwanted at most websites aimed at sufferers, including pro-ana websites.

Wannarexia:   The act of wanting to develop an eating disorder. Wannarexia is USUALLY discouraged at most websites aimed at sufferers, including pro-ana websites.

CW:   Current weight.

HW:   Highest weight.

LW:   Lowest weight.

GW:   Goal Weight.

STGW:   Short term goal weight.

LTGW:   Long term goal weight.

FGW:   Final goal weight.

IP:   In patient.

BMI:   Body Mass Index.

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