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Anorexic Danger Signs
Thermoregulatory problems:

Loss of body fat creates it so that the body has no way of insulating and keeping heat anymore. For the anorexic it seems like everyday even if it is 85 degrees is freezing. This can also be due to electrolyte disturbances from not eating properly.

Decreased eye movement


Mostly due from electrolyte disturbances and hormonal problems


Poor blood from not enough iron; causes lack of vitality

Dental erosion:

Yes your teeth will rot with anorexia even if you do not purge. Most anorexics do not intake enough calcium in their diets and because of this the body begins to find calcium and takes it out of body parts such as the bones but also the teeth. The teeth are stripped of the calcium and become weak.

Delayed gastric emptying:

The tone of the stomach area becomes poor and weak so that it cannot produce the power to push out whatever food the anorexic does eat. This can lead to a lot of toxins building up inside which also weakens the immune system and leaves the anorexic susceptible to many more viruses.


Also from the delayed gastric emptying but can also be because of laxative abuse.



Blood gets too acidic which can lead to other sicknessess


Bones become significantly weakened leaving the anorexic susceptible to broken bones from just falling out of bed.


Slow/irregular heart beat.


Heart out of rythym; sudden death


From not eating properly and possible purging there is a water retention imbalance cause the feet and hands to swell



Indicates a failure of hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal interaction to produce cyclic changes in the endometrium resulting in menses. In other words the periods stop or do not start. Primary amenorrhea is the absence of menarche by age 16 and Secondary amenorrhea is the absence of menarche for more than 3 months.

Metabolic problems - Hypocalcemia:

Low blood glucose levels from too low of weight and malnutrition. Signs of this include listlessness jitteriness and seizures.


A soft downy hair/fur begins to grow to try to insulate some heat after the body does not have enough calories to burn to produce heat.

Decreased cardica muscle mass chamber size and output.:

This leads to many cardica arrests


Deficiency of potassium

Dry skin

Brittle nails

Weak hair that often falls out:

Along with dry skin and brittle nails this consequence is a result of not enough fat in the diet.

Urinary tract infections:

Decreased fluid intake is the cause of this.

Loss of potassium:

Can result in diminished reflexes fatigue and cardiac arrythmias.

Weak hair that often falls out:

Along with dry skin and brittle nails this consequence is a result of not enough fat in the diet.

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