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Link 4

Dying To Be Thin

Dying To Be Thin

This is in response to a news spotlight of pro-anorexic websites. The television station who broadcasted this is WFSB out of Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Original airdate was 10:58 pm EST November 13, 2006 and updated (on their website) 12:42 am EST November 14, 2006. For those who have not seen this article, I have embedded the Youtube version of it.

The "as it plays" response from Mandi, the webmistress of House Of Thin.

There is an underground world out there ...

Really? What's so underground about it? Most sites are listed in all search engines, and linked to and from one another. It's so easy to find a pro-ana site. Underground? No, this does not constitute the underground title.

... where anorexia and bulimia are not considered mental illnesses and are promoted ...

Pro does NOT mean promote, it's pro-active. We fight for the right to seek support and understanding, and never promote this hell onto anyone. These idiots have pro-ana confused with wannarexic sites.

... went looking for answers every parent needs to know

And this does what exactly? The parents need to take preventative measures BEFORE the child ever gets to the point of having to look for an ed support site. Seeking answers at this stage is too late, the ed has already arrived and the answers are of no use. This is where understanding the true cause of eating disorders comes in, not the existence of pro-ana sites.

... they turn to the internet to research their disorders and to find others who truly understood

And fail to mention that it was this understanding that helped them to get to a confidence level to proceed into recovery. Plus to have a media outlet track them down whom understands nothing about this.

... actually found a community of websites run by others who suffer from eds and feel it isn't a problem at all

Suffer? Not a problem? Contradictory statement, now which is it? This is already going a crooked direction.

... inhale up to 100 laxatives a night

Um yeah. Now that is important to mention how may laxatives one can inhale per night while fighting against so called "dangerous websites". Smooth move.

... pro-anorexic websites pulled the trigger

Did you ever see a website saying to take more than 100 laxatives per day? No, they'll tell you to stop doing that.

(Dear Ana letter)

You clueless people! This was made by a professional to demonstrate the dangerous mindset of the disorder. Stop blaming pro-ana for this, point fingers at the source.

(shows House Of Thin)

False reporting! The Dear Ana letter is nowhere on this site. This proves the lies within this article.

(shows address to pro-ana nation)

So you want to stop something yet give it free advertising to the millions of viewers who don't already know? I have been on Pro-Ana Nation before many times and we have exchanged links. Terri runs a respectable pro-ana website and I also take issue with you exposing it in this wrongful light. Obviously, as with here, you have never actually read the content. Judging a book by it's cover is another very negative value to be imposing on people.

(mentions the thinspiration pictures and how bad they are, yet shows a lot of them too)

Thinspiration bad on a pro-ana site, yet important for a news article with no trigger warnings? Double standard is a poor thing to be reflecting. Wink

(mentions quite a few tips and tricks)

Beauty (NOT), a pro-ana site disguised as an article? Hypocrites!

(mentions a mia's get together to starve)

Do you know anything from being on the sites? Ana's starve, not mias.

usually the prize is somebody dies

WTF!?!? I have been in this 4 years now and NEVER have I seen death as a prize on ANY site. Over dramatized bs article to say the least.

(mentions the pro-ana religion saying it promotes starvation)

You showed this site, House of Thin. I KNOW you were on here from that alone and yet you say this lie? I posted straight up that this is indeed a MYTH perpetuated by the media that this is a pro-ana thing. The religion was made by professionals to demonstrate the mindset, not by pro-anas to encourage starvation. BLAME THE REAL SOURCE! I know you know this people, come on ... get with reality.

(4:23 into the article, the pro-ana evolution is shown, from this site again)

Yet still goes on about the fake media induced pro-ana just to "sell" the article. Disgusting, pathetic and very unprofessional. If you want to help, become part of the solution. Pro-ana sites exist because people have eds. Attack the real root problems, not the consequence. Showing all that thinspiration, all the dangerous tips and tricks mentioned that you shun on the sites, all the free exposure of the pro-ana sites to millions of people all over the world yet want them gone? It's so hard to take this article seriously as it's so full of misconception, lies, hypocrisy and proven false reporting. Why waste airtime with this? Why not attack some real issues and problems? Why not go after who originated the pro-ana religion? WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? Afraid to use their power for good instead of evil and make the world a better place?

("recovered person mentions wanting to get back into it again")

This is not the mindset of one who is recovered. Changing the scenery without changing the situation does not fix anything. But by the overtones of this article, is it any wonder why this fake recovery stuff never works? Normal healthy people do not go looking for pro-ana sites, nor will a strong self confident individual be willingly inclined to commit unhealthy behaviors towards self destruction.

(mentions they have ways to help)

Yeah, NOT! You just fed all this garbage to the world ... what makes you think you can help when you don't understand the first thing about eating disorders, nor the pro-ana movement. Please, do not mess in a world you know nothing about. You are endangering the lives of millions of people who need support ... not lied to and deceived.

I was also not told of this article until a forum member posted about it. Using my works off this site, and making my website public performance constitutes copyright infringement, is against my terms of service for use of this website, and is a very immoral unethical way of doing business. Proves once again this was only to "sell the story" and not report the hard facts. Why else hide the fact that they are using these sites from the owners themselves? Because they have something to hide.

Obvious biased reporting, and many uneducated misconceptions. Just remember, you cannot believe everything you see on television ... not even the news. And media reporters, take note (if you actually read the content of these sites) ... I will be making you accountable for everything you say about this site, every site I own, the pro-ana evolution movement, and making sure that if I find you broke my terms of service, you will be exposed for doing such. If you want to use my site, be a decent person and ASK FIRST. There are thousands of pro-ana sites out there and if I say no, you have a lot left to choose from. If I say yes (and more than likely will) you will have a clear conscience knowing you are starting by doing things honestly.

This article is considered discredited in every possible way.

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