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Fired For Being Too Thin
Quite possibly the last place you would ever expect to hear being too thin as a bad thing, the modelling world is changing and starting to ban (end careers) of models soley on the basis of being too skinny.

The good: the purpose of this is supposed to set a more healthy example for others to follow who have supermodels as their idols. If the person is of a more "healthy" bmi rate, then the person has a better chance of becoming the same when they emulate their role models appearance.

BUT ...

The bad: it is soley based on bmi, which is a poor way to judge someones health image. It has been proven by medical professionals that bmi is just a number of little importance to base a health diagnosis on. According to bmi charts, Arnold (Terminator) is obese ... and we all know he is far from that.

There has been no "high bmi" number set to end a career of a model on. Now imagine if it was turned around and models careers were ended for having too high of a bmi? It would be a chaotic news event to say the least with labour relations, human resources and human rights personal all over them. See, that would be discrimination. Wink

It is well known that the bbw (big beautiful women) niche in the modelling world is a hot commodity, making billions every year for fashion places selling exclusive lines of clothing aimed at "bigger" individuals. However, that supports to put it straight up "obesity". Now all of a sudden having slim models showing off clothing aimed at "thinner" people is considered bad while the other goes on. Um, that is not fair in any way shape or form.

Conclusion ...

This is a very bad decision and is setting up for more discrimination against thinner individuals in a world that already is becoming more and more against the thin. Some people are naturally thin with a lower than normal bmi level, yet are very healthy people living fufilled lives. They should not be put through this for being who they are at all.

The ONLY fair way to do this is to base it on medical and physical records of the individual. Make the prospective model have a current check up with the doctor to make sure they can handle the high stress and demanding job of modelling. The catwalk is very hard work, it's all go and quickly walk slow ... it's hard on a body overall. This would eliminate the unhealthy ones no matter what their weight / bmi is ... if they cannot handle the job, it isn't right for them. Also, it would make the agents know if any drugs are present in the models blood stream (no more surprise drug abuse). IF someone is natually the way they are, they will pass the doctors exam and be good to go ... cleared without being discriminated against.

I have my personal reasons for feeling so strongly towards this issue. The opinions above are my own only. Feel free to comment or add more onto this by joining the forum. Smile

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